We're two guys (Paul & Brian) talking about things like we know stuff.

Paul Fidalgo (@paulfidalgo) is happy.

Paul is a writer, actor, musician, press flack, and professional skepto-humanist. His blog iMortal at the Patheos network is about our finite lives during the tech revolution, and he’s the communications director for a very important skeptic and humanist organization

Before grownup life, he was a professional actor and musician. You can hear some this music here, and it wouldn't kill you to pay for some of it, not that he's asking. He lives in Maine with his amazing wife and two dangerous kids.

Brian Hogg (@dotboom) is happy.

Brian is a writer, programmer, and puppeteer. He's the creator of the cantankerous Mosspuppet, along with a bunch of other shows. He's been a web developer for 15 years, and is the author of awesome books like I'm Sorry: Apologies from God, Shooting Wolves From a Helicopter: An Autobiography of Sarah Palin, America's Greatest President, and an upcoming Donald Trump autobiography tentatively titled "My Cock is Magic."

You can see links to some of his other stuff at hoggworks.com.