Season 2, Episode 26 - Atop a Pile of Cinder

Let's call it the season finale of Thinkery, because Paul's got stuff to do and if we call it the season finale we can cover any gaps in production as being a break between seasons. It's so brilliant, and none of you will ever figure it ou -- wait.



  • Paul's technical problems are FASCINATING!
  • Sick children are AMAZING!
  • Moana and Rogue One were GREAT!
  • A lot of other things are TERRIBLE!
  • Why can't conservative make satire that's FUNNY?
  • Brian is really enjoying using SUPERLATIVES IN THIS LIST!

Couple things referenced in the episode:


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Season 2, Episode 25 - How Do I Reach These Kids?

On this episode of Thinkery, Paul and Brian talk about stuff. BUT WHAT STUFF? I just don't know, because having a house full of people with the flu means there's no time for show notes. But if I were to hazard a guess, I'd say we talked a bunch about politics. PROBABLY.

Plus! THRILL to the very beginning of some discussions about how to make productive satire!

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Season 2, Episode 24 - Paul Horner, Dickbag

Hey, it's Episode 24, perhaps! You should download and listen and tell everyone you know to subscribe to the show, because reasons. 

So what did this pair of passably handsome pseudo-intellectuals talk about this time? Well, Paul Horner, as the title implies. He's a dickbag, for reasons you'll learn if you listen! And WHAT ELSE did we talk about?

  • Paul's hopped up on the goofballs again!
  • Trump's cabinet is shaping up to be a racist pile of crap.
  • Seriously.
  • Would Mike Pence be a better President than Trump? Proooooooobably?
  • Is Mike Pence a murderer?
  • BREAKING: Ben Carson, go **** yourself.
  • Fake news is a big problem, and not a simple fix.
  • Paul Horner peddles fake news, is a douche.
  • MANY OTHER THINGS WERE DISCUSSED, I'M SURE, but I have to go pick up my son now.

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Season 2, Episode 23? - Sex-Joke Twinsies

It's quite possibly episode 23 of Thinkery, the podcast that's cost you nothing and is worth every penny!

What did Paul and Brian talk about in this possibly 23rd episode of the second season of the show? WHO KNOWS! I do.


  • Computers, amiright? We're just two old people talking about computers, apparently.
  • We say this is episode 22, but that is a damned lie.
  • Geography!
  • Brian debates his MacBook upgrade path! 
  • Apple's insanity with removing ports, and dongle hell: Big Deal or VERY BIG DEAL?
  • Apple fans are too picky these days.
  • Paul saw Batman V Superman and we talk about it!
  • Batman V Superman was and is awesome!
  • Are Abrams' Star Trek movies garbage? (Spoiler: YES)
  • Probably other things were discussed, as well!

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Season 2, Episode 22 - We All Didn't Not Cry

If you're paying attention to the numbering of the episodes, you'll notice that we've skipped one, and should be at episode 21. Surprise! We got one behind and Paul decided to edit this episode first because it's so awesome, and then NEXT WEEK we'll release #21. 

Why is this week so awesome, do you ask? Because we've got a special guest! Our super-smart friend Stephen McCandless joins us to talk about -- well, the election. Because there was an election, and everything is now terrible forever. 

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Season 2, Episode 19 - Your Beautiful Nazi Wife


  • How does talking work?
  • Brian eats food while Paul was away, doing stuff for money!
  • Gary Johnson: still lame, after all these years
  • Will the commentary of The Transformers Animated Movie ever happen?
  • Do Historical Truths matter?
  • Do political ads work?
  • Obligatory Clinton/Trump debate discussion!
  • What’s the best way to insult Donald Trump?
  • Is Kellyanne Conway a terrible person? YES
  • Evan McMullin, come on the show.

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Season 2, Episode 18 - A Circle Jerk Involving Flags

After several weeks of unplanned absence, we're back! And while you might think that being rested and relaxed -- which we're not! -- would mean that we'd have proper show notes, you'd be wrong! Same old Thinkery, same old old half-assed show notes.

  • Brian and Paul are all over the goddamn place!
  • Something about Gary Johnson's brain farts!
  • A whole lot of political stuff, which is going to be a massive surprise to you all!

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Season 2, Episode 17 - Come At Me, Ghost

New Episode! With content, depending on your definition! And here it is!

  • Paul's being all phone-obsessive again!
  • Rogers was trying to screw over Brian again!
  • Who's got more pointless obsessions?
  • Paul's adorable son Toby makes a guest appearance!
  • He's an idiot, but Trump's doublespeak is genuinely fascinating.
  • Is creativity some ingrained trait, or a skill?
  • Press Conferences! Press Conferences!
  • Is Trump actually racist?
  • Is it morally okay to not give over 100% of your disposable income to help people in need?

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Season 2, Episode 15 - Sex License

Tawdry? Tawdry! 

This episode may have sex in the title, but probably it's not much more exciting than a regular episode of the show. But we talk about stuff! Like!:

  • Brian's continuing attempts to get his toddler to go to damn sleep!
  • But is a bit sad when his toddler actually goes to damn sleep!
  • The perils of using an emoji as an episode title!
  • Stuff about Turkey and the age of consent!
  • Why don't we teach teenagers how to be good at sex?
  • Why don't we license them?
  • Good LORD, did Brian get kicked in the nuts. 
  • Mini-reviews of the Combiner Wars and also Stranger Things!
  • We should all chill out about super AI. Seriously. Come on, guy.
  • Tough Mudder is expensive!



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Season 2, Episode 14 - Dicks on a Rock

It's the fourteenthist episode of the secondest season of Thinkery! And to celebrate, it's slightly more than an hour of not silence! 

As far as gods go, we're pretty generous, we know. 

But what do we fair-minded gods talk about this time around? What happens next will stun you!

  • Brian's going slowly grey!
  • Paul doesn't want any Harry Kims, but do any Harry Kims want him?
  • Paul and Brian discuss the specifics of a lunatic Transformers podcast that will never come to fruition. ROLL OUT!
  • Is there a single fact you could get everyone to agree on?
  • When we write someone off as being mentally ill, are we doing that to protect our image of ourselves?
  • We talk about Trump for a while. Because of course we do! 
  • Gary Johnson is an ironic Libertarian.
  • Also, Libertarians are insane.
  • So is Jill Stein.
  • Kids, areweright?
  • Is masculinity an original sin?


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Season 2, Episode 13 - 🍆

More words in your ears, with the appearance of sounds!


  • Donald Trump's website is a bit of a scam when it comes to recurring donations. But not Hillary Clinton's!
  • A thorough, fully in-depth look at Canadian political fundraising.
  • Trump's Purple Heart thing makes us question our skepticism!
  • You're always finally an adult!
  • Paul's new time travel fantasies!
  • We may or may not want to use time travel to negate the colossal threat of Ralph Nader. 
  • Was Facebook a big dumb fascist when it shut down a livestream from a hostage situation?
  • Are Sovereign Citizens dicks?
  • Is Donald Trump a plant for Hillary Clinton? Why this and every other conspiracy surrounding Hillary Clinton are 100% true and reasonable. 
  • Or!
  • The Republicans think Hillary Clinton is the greatest politician in history!
  • Has Hillary warmed our cold, dead hearts?
  • Are the GOP conspiring to stick Donald in a Trumpster?
  • More, possibly?



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Season 2, Episode 12 - A Joke About Orphanages

For this very special episode of Thinkery, Brian will take a very slightly less half-assed approach to the show notes! 


So what got discussed this week, in this very slightly late episode? LOTS, probably!

  • If everyone else exploded, could Schwarzenegger have been made President?
  • How small is our audience? 
  • Paul was quoted on!
  • Is crazy reputable? YOU KNOW IT!
  • Were the DNC Primaries rigged? Are the leaked emails a smoking gun?
  • Spoiler: NO, THEY WEREN'T.
  • First-world kids these days don't know what shitty world leaders are like.
  • Should you vote your conscience, or should you be pragmatic?
  • Related: being an adult means compromising sometimes!
  • Jerks!
  • How bad would President Trump be?
  • OH MAN.
  • Holy Sweet Lord, Obama's DNC speech was inspiring.
  • Orphanages, zing!

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Season 2, Episode 11 - A Lesson in Disappointment

This week!:

  • We try not to talk about politics this time, but who knows if we succeed? I mean, I do, but you don't! Yet!
  • Do Soundwave's cassettes have consciousness when they're stuck in his chest? Are they prisoners?
  • Is Buzzsaw a lunatic Decepticon?
  • Paul has no idea what ReBoot is! WTF!
  • Remember when I said we try not to talk about politics? Well, we failed, America. We're so sorry. We talked a bit about Trump and the man who invented the myth! 

Links to things we talked about!


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Season 2, Episode 9 - I'm Going to Live to 40

It's a very funny episode of Thinkery,! HOW is it funny, you may ask? We are happy to tell you! AND WE WILL TELL YOU NOW!

  • Brian describes his job prospects!
  • We talk about Bernie. Again, we know, but he's a funny little guy!
  • Clinton's changing her mind about so many things is a good thing!
  • Math -- when you're talking about counting votes in California -- is hard, if you're a Bernie supporter!
  • Being an adult means compromise. THAT SUCKS, but it's true. 
  • Even if Sanders is more appealing than Clinton as a candidate, but would he make a better President? 
  • Whatever else he is, Sanders is a Coca Cola billboard on the side of the highway.
  • Is Trump going to quit the Presidential race? 
  • Brian read an old script for the Transformers  Animated film from 1986, and describe it all to Paul!
  • Seriously, all of it!
  • Plus, the logistics of Transformers! 
  • Piracy!
  • Is the new Star Trek going to be awesome?

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Season 2, Episode 8 - The Five Percent Threshold

Holy cow, it's two episodes in one week! Are we doing it because we love you, or because we missed publishing our episode last week and we didn't want to fall behind? ONLY TIME WILL TELL.

Thrill to chattery like:

  • Brian eats a popsicle as Paul reflects on swelling up like a fleshy, jowelly ballon!
  • Brian is making fake meats out of flour now!
  • Bernie Sanders gives a non-concession speech, for some reason!
  • Under what circumstances could Bernie possibly get the DNC nomination? ALIENS?
  • A bunch of other political stuff!
  • Is John McCain a pussy?
  • Terrorism! Right?
  • Where my third party at?
  • Possibly other things, too!

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