Episode 15 - Tell Me If You Think I'm Still Relevant

If this show was a person, it’d be slamming his door and his parents wouldn’t understand him because he’s 15 episodes old!

No, that joke totally made sense.

This week, on the episode where the show tries valiantly to grow its first facial hair, Paul and Brian talk about things, like:

  • Releasing creative products is exhilarating and depressing!
  • Who will survive to the Republican primaries?
  • Why aren’t people taking Bernie Sanders more seriously?
  • Memes that have a good point but get facts wrong really chap our asses!
  • People who make graphics of inspirational things they’ve said themselves are crazy egotistical!
  • Walt Mossberg’s writing for Verge, but Mosspuppet would’ve been cheaper!
  • Brian’s childhood tormentors were very, very incompetent. 
  • Why don’t Paul’s bullies remember what they did?
  • In fact, who cares about kids from your childhood, anyway?
  • We have more listeners than we had last week!
  • More, possibly!

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