Episode 17 - A Soul with an Expiration Date (Guest-Starring Matt Dillahunty!)

A Soul with an Expiration Date (Guest-Starring Matt Dillahunty!)

Matt Dillahunty (host of the excellent Atheist Experience TV Show, creator of Atheist Debates, and internationally renowned pipe model!) joins Paul and Brian to talk about a whole mess of things. What do we talk about with our esteemed and awesome guest? Things like these:

  • Matt has a cool Skype avatar, and Paul wants to pretend to smoke a pipe!
  • Does Matt relish the one-note “I’ve got a bible verse will stump you” questions he gets?
  • Why isn’t Matt burnt out yet?
  • How can programmers be religious?
  • How does it feel to be a full-time professional heathen, Matt?
  • Is the Sermon on the Mount full of good advice?
  • Criticize bad arguments, even if they’re being made by people on your side!
  • Why can’t we all get along?
  • Tom Flynn is a Christmas Curmudgeon!
  • What value does atheism have as a label?
  • Internet Polls are not good political predictors!
  • The GOP Presidential campaign is a hilariously sad trainwreck!
  • There are too many satirical websites these days!
  • Is absolute certainty on anything a thing?


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