Episode 16 - Peter Cullen is the Voice of God

It's our sweet sixteen! And what's the best possible way to celebrate our sixteenth-a-versary? By talking into a microphone about a bunch of topics, like these beauties:

  • We're both fathers, and that's awesome. 
  • Paul's son is reading his first non-picture book!
  • Brian's son is learning a whole bunch of new words!
  • How can any dad not look at their kids and want to spend every minute with them?
  • How can anyone in their twenties be prepared to have kids? 
  • The Canadian Parliamentary system is way different than the American system. And Brian's vote ultimately didn't count! But the guy he liked won!
  • Both America and Canada need more proportional systems!
  • Why do Canadians vote so much more than Americans? 
  • Jeb! Jeb. Jeb?
  • Sometimes Trump makes sense!
  • The only real Transformers are G1 Transformers!
  • And more things about Transformers!

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