Episode 21 - A Giant Chicken with Teeth (Guest-Starring Dr. Kiki!)

I hope you're buckled up, because it's Thinkery episode 21, which means a joke about being twenty-one years old! 

Imagine the best joke about turning twenty-one that you can, and now imagine us making that joke RIGHT NOW, and then laugh, because we totally did make that joke! It was pretty good, right?

Speaking of pretty good, we've got a great guest this week: Dr. Kiki Sanford! You probably know her from EVERYWHERE, and she sat down with us over Skype to talk about many awesome things, including but not limited to:

  • Will First Contact really be a big deal?
  • Do you ever stop trying to figure out your podcast, even when you've been doing it for years? 
  • Why do Americans know so little about science?
  • Why aren't there feathers on dinosaurs in movies or TV? 

If you want to see more of Dr. Kiki, she's on Twitter at @drkiki, and you can find her excellent podcast "This Week in Science" at http://www.twis.org/ !

If you want to see more of Paul and Brian, they're on Twitter at @paulfidalgo and @dotboom. And the show's on Twitter at @thinkerypodcast! And Paul's blog is at http://www.imortal.co/ ! And the fake autobiography of Donald Trump that Brian is going to write more of as soon as he's finished writing this is at http://www.trumpedupbook.com/ !

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