Episode 10 - Show us on the Phone Where Apple Hurt You (Guest-Starring Swoopy!)

By the power of Greyskull, it's our first ever guest, Swoopy! The co-creator of the excellent Skepticality podcast is well-known in the online skeptical arena, and also just happens to be super fun to talk to! What do Paul and Brian talk with her about? GLAD YOU ASKED:

  • Swoopy, because she's our guest, and she does stuff!
  • Religious accommodation comes to Costco in an interesting way!
  • Apple!
  • Are Paul and I *really* bothered by his height?
  • Why do people care about the royal family?
  • And more, in all likelihood!

You can find our excellent guest on Twitter, where she's @swoopy!

You can find Paul @paulfidalgo, and Brian @dotboom!

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