Episode 11 - Internet Troubadour (Guest-Starring Andy Ihnatko!)

The Internet’s own Andy Ihnatko (!) joins Paul and Brian this episode, and they have a fantastic conversation about so many things! What do they talk about while Paul tries to keep it together? Here’s a sampling!

  • How to address Andy!
  • Ahmed Mohammed didn’t deserve the handcuffs!
  • Curiosity needs to be cultivated, damn you!
  • Ahmed Mohammed didn’t also didn’t deserve *quite* so much of the attention he’s getting (good and bad)!
  • Micro-transactions of aggression!
  • Politics, amiright?
  • How not to be a dick online!
  • Should Brian feel bad about Mosspuppet? 
  • Comic book continuity is a waste of time!
  • Project Runway is an amazing show, with a host who’s like a comforting blanket made of warm milk!