Season 2, Episode 23? - Sex-Joke Twinsies

It's quite possibly episode 23 of Thinkery, the podcast that's cost you nothing and is worth every penny!

What did Paul and Brian talk about in this possibly 23rd episode of the second season of the show? WHO KNOWS! I do.


  • Computers, amiright? We're just two old people talking about computers, apparently.
  • We say this is episode 22, but that is a damned lie.
  • Geography!
  • Brian debates his MacBook upgrade path! 
  • Apple's insanity with removing ports, and dongle hell: Big Deal or VERY BIG DEAL?
  • Apple fans are too picky these days.
  • Paul saw Batman V Superman and we talk about it!
  • Batman V Superman was and is awesome!
  • Are Abrams' Star Trek movies garbage? (Spoiler: YES)
  • Probably other things were discussed, as well!

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