Season 2, Episode 24 - Paul Horner, Dickbag

Hey, it's Episode 24, perhaps! You should download and listen and tell everyone you know to subscribe to the show, because reasons. 

So what did this pair of passably handsome pseudo-intellectuals talk about this time? Well, Paul Horner, as the title implies. He's a dickbag, for reasons you'll learn if you listen! And WHAT ELSE did we talk about?

  • Paul's hopped up on the goofballs again!
  • Trump's cabinet is shaping up to be a racist pile of crap.
  • Seriously.
  • Would Mike Pence be a better President than Trump? Proooooooobably?
  • Is Mike Pence a murderer?
  • BREAKING: Ben Carson, go **** yourself.
  • Fake news is a big problem, and not a simple fix.
  • Paul Horner peddles fake news, is a douche.
  • MANY OTHER THINGS WERE DISCUSSED, I'M SURE, but I have to go pick up my son now.

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