Episode 28 - You Are the Abyss

This week's episode is out late because Paul burned his hand while editing*, then Brian burned his his hand out of solidarity. We are Spartacus! What is this tardy episode about? Well, in a flagrant breach of the format of these incredibly well researched show notes, I'll lay it out in a rambly-ass paragraph: Brian's underemployed and fretting about money, and then we spend some time talking about whether coddling our kids sets them up to actually feel more pain as they age, which dovetails into a whole therapy session for Paul. 

I'm pretty sure we fixed him in this episode, so YAY FREE THERAPY!

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*Paul didn't burn his hand while actively editing; he burned it at some point after starting editing this episode, and before he finished. I mean, Macs get pretty hot, but not that hot.