Episode 32 - Can the Party Quit You?

What do we talk about this time? Security, I think. And politics, probably! AND GOOGLE DOCS, which has voice dictation now. Lookit:

Gotta hit the button 8 X it actually typed on A or goddess that's really this is b******* this is b******* talking about for North me I am typing on my end in your typing on your end yes but if you talk at you do it at the same time we should be able to separately dictated the same document you say what I'm saying oh you don't have a doing it though do it no turn it on and then we'll see if it actually nobody got to press the button you not actually in putting it can you guys okay well I have a leak a little like it so emanating circle thing from the itemRight turn right again yeah okay so this is kind of weird so I let's go to nice yeah actuallyTime Warp Mossberg shut upEpisode 32: Oh my god Brian what are we going to talk about 4 episode 32? Why did it put a numeral for I am the very model of a modern Major General I've information vegetable animal and mineral I know the kings of England and I quote the fight historical from marathon to Waterloo and order categorical no not other category go away cut it there change to do it like I thought about it was like that's cool you know what I meant I'm keeping this in the show by the way I think people should know that we are trying to do voice dictation on a collaborative document that they cannot see Time Warp Mossberg the anything about anything on your mind


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