Episode 31 - Shakespeare Copied Disney

It's another episode of Thinkery, obviously! So get ready for the show that'll only be popular after both Paul and Brian are dead. It's a good time!

  • What do the future coffin-fillers talk about this episode? 
  • Having to sleep sucks!
  • So does having to eat!
  • Useful genetic engineering!
  • Who's the unsung hero of the Back to the Future trilogy? THE ANSWER MAY SURPRISE YOU
  • Does stubbornness trump death?
  • Graffiti artists are vandals and fan fiction writers are dicks. THERE, WE SAID IT
  • Why are people okay with Shakespeare being staged over and over but upset about movie remakes?
  • Both Paul and Brian were the victims or low standards at their schools. LOOK AT THEIR SCARS, INTERNET
  • More, possibly!

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