Season 2, Episode 9 - I'm Going to Live to 40

It's a very funny episode of Thinkery,! HOW is it funny, you may ask? We are happy to tell you! AND WE WILL TELL YOU NOW!

  • Brian describes his job prospects!
  • We talk about Bernie. Again, we know, but he's a funny little guy!
  • Clinton's changing her mind about so many things is a good thing!
  • Math -- when you're talking about counting votes in California -- is hard, if you're a Bernie supporter!
  • Being an adult means compromise. THAT SUCKS, but it's true. 
  • Even if Sanders is more appealing than Clinton as a candidate, but would he make a better President? 
  • Whatever else he is, Sanders is a Coca Cola billboard on the side of the highway.
  • Is Trump going to quit the Presidential race? 
  • Brian read an old script for the Transformers  Animated film from 1986, and describe it all to Paul!
  • Seriously, all of it!
  • Plus, the logistics of Transformers! 
  • Piracy!
  • Is the new Star Trek going to be awesome?

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