Season 2, Episode 13 - 🍆

More words in your ears, with the appearance of sounds!


  • Donald Trump's website is a bit of a scam when it comes to recurring donations. But not Hillary Clinton's!
  • A thorough, fully in-depth look at Canadian political fundraising.
  • Trump's Purple Heart thing makes us question our skepticism!
  • You're always finally an adult!
  • Paul's new time travel fantasies!
  • We may or may not want to use time travel to negate the colossal threat of Ralph Nader. 
  • Was Facebook a big dumb fascist when it shut down a livestream from a hostage situation?
  • Are Sovereign Citizens dicks?
  • Is Donald Trump a plant for Hillary Clinton? Why this and every other conspiracy surrounding Hillary Clinton are 100% true and reasonable. 
  • Or!
  • The Republicans think Hillary Clinton is the greatest politician in history!
  • Has Hillary warmed our cold, dead hearts?
  • Are the GOP conspiring to stick Donald in a Trumpster?
  • More, possibly?



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