Season 2, Episode 14 - Dicks on a Rock

It's the fourteenthist episode of the secondest season of Thinkery! And to celebrate, it's slightly more than an hour of not silence! 

As far as gods go, we're pretty generous, we know. 

But what do we fair-minded gods talk about this time around? What happens next will stun you!

  • Brian's going slowly grey!
  • Paul doesn't want any Harry Kims, but do any Harry Kims want him?
  • Paul and Brian discuss the specifics of a lunatic Transformers podcast that will never come to fruition. ROLL OUT!
  • Is there a single fact you could get everyone to agree on?
  • When we write someone off as being mentally ill, are we doing that to protect our image of ourselves?
  • We talk about Trump for a while. Because of course we do! 
  • Gary Johnson is an ironic Libertarian.
  • Also, Libertarians are insane.
  • So is Jill Stein.
  • Kids, areweright?
  • Is masculinity an original sin?


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