Season 2, Episode 15 - Sex License

Tawdry? Tawdry! 

This episode may have sex in the title, but probably it's not much more exciting than a regular episode of the show. But we talk about stuff! Like!:

  • Brian's continuing attempts to get his toddler to go to damn sleep!
  • But is a bit sad when his toddler actually goes to damn sleep!
  • The perils of using an emoji as an episode title!
  • Stuff about Turkey and the age of consent!
  • Why don't we teach teenagers how to be good at sex?
  • Why don't we license them?
  • Good LORD, did Brian get kicked in the nuts. 
  • Mini-reviews of the Combiner Wars and also Stranger Things!
  • We should all chill out about super AI. Seriously. Come on, guy.
  • Tough Mudder is expensive!



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