Season 2, Episode 5 - Cancer Gun

Everything is making Paul angry today! So we talk about it, because THAT'S WHAT WE DO!

  • Keith Peterson was looking for a 1-bedroom apartment somewhere, and Paul does not approve.
  • If 9 in 10 Native Americans aren't offended by the Redskins name, does that make it not offensive?
  • We spend a surprising amount of time looking for slurs for Canadians.
  • Do pot farmers have helicopters and machine guns? The answer may surprise you!
  • There's a new Star Trek show coming, but will the crew have pockets? -
  • Is there a conspiracy to murder holistic doctors? 
  • Probably not, but we talk about it.
  • Cancer Guns are real! -
  • Bernie Sanders -- who we love -- and his supporters are really starting to chap our ass!
  • Clinton says race against Sanders is done! -

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Season 2, Episode 4 - Another Square on the Quilt

This week, Paul and Brian talk a bunch about the US election cycle,  because of course we do, because it's a big damn horror show that will never, ever end. But listen to find out how much Canada cares about the election, how much they know about the American system, and how much Americans know about the Canadian system!

Spoiler: Not much.

Paul and Brian poke fun at Carly Fiorina because it's fun, drawing a connection between Giphy (an animated GIF startups) and an attack ad with demonic sheep.

This is the attack ad!

In addition, the static duo spend a bunch of time talking about the loss of pets and family, and the things that tear at our hearts. 

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Season 2, Episode 3 - Exciting Boehner's Caucus

More Thinkery means more words turned into sounds that get shoved in your ears! You're welcome!

This week Paul and Brian talk about a bunch of stuff, like:

  • Boehner thinks Ted Cruz is Lucifer in the Flesh!
  • Cruz thinks Carly Fiorina is a god choice for VP!
  • Carly Fiorina thinks the wind is talking to her!
  • Hairstylists don't understand numbers!
  • Don't have sex with robots!
  • Crickets go in the smoker!




Season 2, Episode 2 - Touch If You Will Paul's Stomach

On this episode, Paul's daughter needs a *lot* of attention, Prince just died, Paul won't accept Brian's logic that music lyrics are largely irrelevant, and also the Food Babe gets briefly name-checked because she sucks. Probably other things happened: I just don't know.

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Season 2, Episode 1 - Damn You, Waterbears

We’re back, and we’re covering up for our gap in putting out episodes by saying we’re onto season 2!

What do we talk about in the very first episode of the very second season? There’s a lot of political talk, but also we talk about Brian’s efforts with Gastrobug, and Brian makes increasing attempts to freak Paul out by showing him links.  Links like these!: (Okay, this one was from our political discussion, but Paul Ryan still freaks Paul out!) - Trilobite Beetles - Surinam Toad - Cockroaches!

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Episode 32 - Can the Party Quit You?

What do we talk about this time? Security, I think. And politics, probably! AND GOOGLE DOCS, which has voice dictation now. Lookit:

Gotta hit the button 8 X it actually typed on A or goddess that's really this is b******* this is b******* talking about for North me I am typing on my end in your typing on your end yes but if you talk at you do it at the same time we should be able to separately dictated the same document you say what I'm saying oh you don't have a doing it though do it no turn it on and then we'll see if it actually nobody got to press the button you not actually in putting it can you guys okay well I have a leak a little like it so emanating circle thing from the itemRight turn right again yeah okay so this is kind of weird so I let's go to nice yeah actuallyTime Warp Mossberg shut upEpisode 32: Oh my god Brian what are we going to talk about 4 episode 32? Why did it put a numeral for I am the very model of a modern Major General I've information vegetable animal and mineral I know the kings of England and I quote the fight historical from marathon to Waterloo and order categorical no not other category go away cut it there change to do it like I thought about it was like that's cool you know what I meant I'm keeping this in the show by the way I think people should know that we are trying to do voice dictation on a collaborative document that they cannot see Time Warp Mossberg the anything about anything on your mind


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Episode 31 - Shakespeare Copied Disney

It's another episode of Thinkery, obviously! So get ready for the show that'll only be popular after both Paul and Brian are dead. It's a good time!

  • What do the future coffin-fillers talk about this episode? 
  • Having to sleep sucks!
  • So does having to eat!
  • Useful genetic engineering!
  • Who's the unsung hero of the Back to the Future trilogy? THE ANSWER MAY SURPRISE YOU
  • Does stubbornness trump death?
  • Graffiti artists are vandals and fan fiction writers are dicks. THERE, WE SAID IT
  • Why are people okay with Shakespeare being staged over and over but upset about movie remakes?
  • Both Paul and Brian were the victims or low standards at their schools. LOOK AT THEIR SCARS, INTERNET
  • More, possibly!

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Episode 30 - My Fists are Your Eternal Reward

First is the political talk and the concern for Paul and his family freezing to death, then talk about podcast networking events/conferences, and THEN we go all rapid-fire on a bunch of topics, such as:

  • Is Jesus a Rape Baby?
  • Is a cancer cure being suppressed?
  • Should people live in geographically unstable areas?
  • "Happy Holidays" is just passive-aggressive nonsense.
  • The impulse to avoid death is the best evidence against the existence of God.
  • Would people be religious if they didn't believe in an afterlife?
  • Can God change his mind about The Second Coming?

Possibly there were other things after the rapid-fire discussion, WHO KNOWS

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Episode 29 - Very Popular in Prison

In this heretical episode of Thinkery, we talk about:

  • Those kooky little nuts in Oregon, with their delusions about not being criminals!
  • Paul hired a Feng Shui expert, for some reason! (Possibly he's got too much money)
  • And we spend a bunch of time talking about autism. Should it be cured? Should it be celebrated? All sorts of other things?

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Namaste, suckers!

Episode 28 - You Are the Abyss

This week's episode is out late because Paul burned his hand while editing*, then Brian burned his his hand out of solidarity. We are Spartacus! What is this tardy episode about? Well, in a flagrant breach of the format of these incredibly well researched show notes, I'll lay it out in a rambly-ass paragraph: Brian's underemployed and fretting about money, and then we spend some time talking about whether coddling our kids sets them up to actually feel more pain as they age, which dovetails into a whole therapy session for Paul. 

I'm pretty sure we fixed him in this episode, so YAY FREE THERAPY!

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*Paul didn't burn his hand while actively editing; he burned it at some point after starting editing this episode, and before he finished. I mean, Macs get pretty hot, but not that hot. 

Episode 27 - Shut Up, Rene Ritchie

In this very special episode of Thinkery, Brian’s audio sounds like crap, and Paul’s internet is flaky!


This time we talk about things like:

  • Stephen King, who maybe doesn’t suck?
  • Brian was having some problems his Apple TV, but he’s feeling much better now!
  • How to be a financial panther!
  • Something about our viewership, but who remembers what?
  • Does Apple suck now?
  • Programming is hard!

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Episode 26 - Multiculturalism is a Sweaty Orgy

It's another episode of Thinkery, and while right now it's the newest it won't always be, so listen now while it's still relevant!

Paul and Brian talk about stuff this week! It's a running gag on the show. But WHAT, excactly, do they talk about? Stuff! Stuff like:

  • Brian's book Trumped Up is done and up for sale (at!
  • #WheresRey?
  • The ad campaign for The Force Awakens was a massively thorough sleight of hand!
  • JJ Abrams' singular innovation!
  • Toys for girls are lame, and that's lame.
  • Multiculturalism, amiright?
  • More?

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Episode 25 - Je Suis Alderaan

In this existing episode of Thinkery, Paul and Brian return in a new year. And we talk. Because change is good!

What do we talk about, puny mortals? 

  • We do a bit about it being the new year.
  • Paul takes his kids to the movies!
  • We do a post-mortem of our Leo interview!
  • But mostly we talk about the fact that Brian was disappointed and alienated by the new Star Wars movie. Because he was!

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Episode 24 - The FDR of the Internet (Guest-Starring Leo Laporte!)

In this very special episode of Thinkery, Paul and Brian were joined by the one-and-only Leo Laporte, and we had an incredibly wonderful conversation. It was just so great!

We talked about more things than I could properly summarize in show-notes, but here are some highlights:

  • Parenting!
  • Living your life in Public!
  • Star Wars!
  • Politics!
  • Books!

Leo and his assortment of excellent shows can be found on the internet at (but you probably already knew that). 

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Episode 23 - The Flood of Regrets

Episode 23! Episode 23! We talk about stuff, such as …

  • Transformers The Animated Movie could have been far more violent than it was, which is CRAZY
  • Paul’s working on his “Show Star Wars to his kids” plan
  • Is John Williams properly rated, or over-rated?
  • Politics, BECAUSE OF COURSE!
  • Is the internet the solution to the Fermi Paradox?

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Episode 21 - A Giant Chicken with Teeth (Guest-Starring Dr. Kiki!)

I hope you're buckled up, because it's Thinkery episode 21, which means a joke about being twenty-one years old! 

Imagine the best joke about turning twenty-one that you can, and now imagine us making that joke RIGHT NOW, and then laugh, because we totally did make that joke! It was pretty good, right?

Speaking of pretty good, we've got a great guest this week: Dr. Kiki Sanford! You probably know her from EVERYWHERE, and she sat down with us over Skype to talk about many awesome things, including but not limited to:

  • Will First Contact really be a big deal?
  • Do you ever stop trying to figure out your podcast, even when you've been doing it for years? 
  • Why do Americans know so little about science?
  • Why aren't there feathers on dinosaurs in movies or TV? 

If you want to see more of Dr. Kiki, she's on Twitter at @drkiki, and you can find her excellent podcast "This Week in Science" at !

If you want to see more of Paul and Brian, they're on Twitter at @paulfidalgo and @dotboom. And the show's on Twitter at @thinkerypodcast! And Paul's blog is at ! And the fake autobiography of Donald Trump that Brian is going to write more of as soon as he's finished writing this is at !

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